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BLUMED, the new reference brand
for body sculpting

BluMed is the mirror of the Italian culture of taking care of your body. The company marks a generation that engages in the fight against the inexorable march of time. With more than twenty years of experience under the name Sun Service, BluMed inherits the design and craftsmanship skills of the master of technique and design to revive the experience of tanning treatment and facial care with specialized functional technologies.

CooLifting’s Italian distributor, Blumed aims to establish itself as excellence in the field of advanced aesthetic technologies. It offers showers, sunbeds, saunas, solariums and many other services with the constant and categorical selection of top quality’s Italian materials. Over the years it has entered the international market with dedication and a special consideration for updating technologies and equipments, according to a new cultural landscape in which to revive the nostalgic desire to take care of themselves in the right way.

Effectiveness, constancy and timing in methods and equipments are the cornerstones of the company. The experts are always ready to advice and assist the customer with new installations or improvements of existing ones with ideal spare parts.

Design and development of new technologies

Thanks to the collaboration with the most important design and development companies, Blumed move ahead a new line of advanced technologies.

High quality materials completely Made in Italy

Blumed works day by day with the aim of leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary scene.

Internal design department

Supported by the best national research centers, our interior designers aim to create new, functional, unique and high quality products.

Professional Equipments


Cool Lifting is the most effective and innovative product present in today’s world of professional aesthetics. The Cool Lifting Gun bombards the facial tissues with a powerful CO2 flow at very low temperature and high pressure, combined with a solution of a propietary mixture containing hyaluronate. This simple, fast and effective treatment opens a new stay-young future. The treatment is unique, innovative, non-invasive, and let the pores absorb the nutrients and vitamins of our Coolifting serum better by the cold mist application. 5 MINUTES TO LOOK 10 YEARS YOUNGER

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